2014 New Owners
Satoshi and Luca went
home with the Johnsons
on 3-22-14.
Jackson going home
with the Milker
Family  on 3-22-14!
Kent went home
with the Clarke
Family on
Saylor and Jaxon went home with the
Smith Family on 3-23-14.
Hope went home
with Becky
Yeager-Wolfe on
Satoshi and Luca enjoying their new
home and new house mate!
enjoying his
new home with
his buddy!
Senna enjoying
new friends!!!
enjoying Her
new home!
Senna went home with
Greg Martin on 3-27-14
Satoshi and
Luca at 7

Jackson looking
great at 11
Looks like Kent
is getting too
big for his bed!
Senna growing into a
beautiful girl!  She looks
just like her Mom!
Hope is relaxing with her
buddy.  She looks like
she is having a great time!
Beautiful Girl!